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Sunshine Award

This one is from Steve over at Steve's Country. Thanks Steve for this award. I have more awards to post, stay tuned. Please do checkout his blog. I love his knowledge on nature and his picture shares its beauty. Plus, he has a cute cat named, Muffin.☺️ Rules for Award: Thank the person who nominated… Continue reading Sunshine Award

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Edge of Summer

Edge of summer The season is almost over Can you feel the breeze Soon we'll be falling into leaves I'm not ready to surrender Writing helps to empty the weight clouding your mind. Once, I'm done getting my thoughts onto the paper, I feel peace return. The message on the front cover is very encouraging.… Continue reading Edge of Summer

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in the Room

As the sun sets In the room she releases the last breath they all sat still silence feels the air tears sing in the night she was only 12yr Echoes fill the atmosphere "She is dead" an innocent lay to rest He steps inside the door Steps in the room His light pierce the deathly… Continue reading in the Room

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Liebster Award #2

Haven't done this in a while. I'm so late with this one. Thanks Steve's Country for nominating me. (Sorry for the late response, Steve.) Please checkout his blog, there's coffee and the beauty of nature, serene and calming. I am honored to have received this award. This will be my 2nd Liebster Award but I… Continue reading Liebster Award #2

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Kiss the rain

Photo by googleNight Fills the sky Stars Twinkle in the night Thunder Demands attention Rain Teardrops stain the window Flash Pierce the dark Tranquility Shh. Listen to the night sing Exhale It's ok to let go Romance Seal two lovers inside Explore Inhibitions run wild Subtle They melt into each other A kiss They get… Continue reading Kiss the rain

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Six Words 1LinerWednesday

Don't let it steal your joy Written for this week’s One-Liner Wednesday by from Linda G. Hill. Does this really work?  It helped me get rid of all the junk (toxins). A fresh start to my digestive system. Look at it like this, it's time to declutter! Go with the Detox pack (Skinny & Colon). I… Continue reading Six Words 1LinerWednesday