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Lets face it, everyone wants to lose weight. Where do we begin? We’re always looking for the fast track to losing weight and keeping it off. Honestly, we’ve all done it. Quick fixes are only temporary and lead to crash diet.  The journey to weightloss can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Always returning to the scale, to the mirror, and seeing the same thing.

Most often we setup unrealistic goals, quick to eliminate the “bad” foods, exert ourselves with exercises, we plateau, or resort to supplements to curve appetite.

Honestly, the truth is proper weightloss, maintenance, & healthy eating requires a Lifestyle change.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

No matter, there is hope! Here are some tips to make small changes.

1. Ditch the scale

I never regret doing this, in fact I don’t even own one. Personally, it can discourage and diminish the progress you’ve made. Considering the fact that muscle weighs more than fat anyway, scales cannot distinguish the difference. Focus more on how you feel in your body, your energy level, and how the clothes fit. All sensible ways to listen to what your body needs.

2. Grab that Water!

This was one of the biggest changes I made in my journey. Trust me I enjoyed my share of soda, juice, (you name it) packed with lots of sugar. All of the excess sugar builds fat, makes the teeth yellow, and sometimes cause acne. You’ll be surprised by replacing those sugary drinks with more water will jumpstart your weight loss. Plus, water helps to enhance clear skin and for women helps to remove toxins from body during urination. (Hey, just being honest & sharing some information from my doctor). I’d say this is way more beneficial then grabbing a can of soda or sugary drink. Takes less effort and makes more sense.

2. Go the distance. 

Another great tip to an effective weight loss, try to avoid the elevator, take the stairs. Make a little extra time and park the car farther away from your destination. Both are great ways to not only burn calories, but to tone and strengthen muscles in the legs and buttocks. If you experience weak joints or difficulty physically.  This isn’t a marathon, just take it slow and pace yourself.

3. Never skip meals

With a hectic life, sometimes we skip out on meals. Ideally, we think “if I don’t take in food, then I can lose a lot of weight”. When I’m so focus on a job, I completely forget to eat a meal. My husband hates when I do it. This is not a good suggestion, it may lead to physical consequences. A loss of important nutrients and vitamins to maintain a healthy balance body. (Remember to get information about your overall health from a medical, licensed professional before making any drastic changes. Always do research.)

Not only have breakfast, lunch, & dinner, include small Snack in between.

4. Don’t shop on E…

Don’t ever, I repeat don’t ever buy groceries when you are hungry. Immediately, my cart would be filled with all the junk I could get my hands on. And for many of us, we know exactly which aisle has the sweet treats. Your body is saying, “Mmmm Doritos on sale, yes grab it. Oh, I wonder if they have chocolate cake for sale.” On and on, the flesh is willing to devour all the sugar and carbs in there to fuel the body. Trust me this leads to a crash in energy. Before you go to the grocery store, grab a healthier snack.

5. A Beautiful Journey

Maybe you are just starting a new journey or returning to health, remember it takes one small steps. You will find yourself hitting bumps in the road. Regrets over the cheeseburger from the drive thru, binging on your favorite chocolates, not taking the walk or eating the lunch you brought to work. Some times we fall back to old habits. It happens to the best of us. It is learning to build tolerance and being intentional. We are creating new habits towards a healthier lifestyle.  Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes.

Acknowledge the small victories, you are one step closer than you were yesterday, Yea…..Keep Going!

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