Music I’m loving right now….

Hey guys, I wanted to share some of my favorite movies for Halloween. Its fun to invite friends over, pop some popcorn, order pizza, wear pajamas, and watch scary movies. 😱 Have a spooktacular Halloween! 1. Hocus Pocus 2. Dracula Untold (Sidebar: Lead Actor is sooo HOTTTT!) 3. The Wolfman 4. The Adams Family 5.… Continue reading Music I’m loving right now….

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Good Morning Friend,  You posses the ability to Overcome. No matter what you face, God equipped you to overcome opposition. God is your amour, call on the Holy Spirit to guide you. You'll be surprise how much God truly loves you, once you call on him! Isaiah 41:13- For I am the Lord your God… Continue reading ReFuel

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Music I’m loving right now..

Hi guys, I'm back with another playlist of my favorite songs. Music feeds the soul, I love to bust a move, lol! Since we're in the Halloween season, I wanted to share some thrillers with you. Enjoy! 1. Thriller - Michael Jackson (FAVE SONG!!!) 2. Somebody's watching me - Rockwell 3. The Monster - Eminem… Continue reading Music I’m loving right now..

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More Than Just Coffee….

Hey ladies, What is going on in our world? Is this where I want to raise my daughter? Fear, inferiority, less pay, disrespect, taken advantage, and powerless. Don't you see it and hear it everyday. Women, what is going on? Do you know what I believe? She will walk by faith, and not by sight.… Continue reading More Than Just Coffee….

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More than just coffee…

I'm always prone to get injuried at some point in life. I'm more clumsy then anything. Most times its because I'm rushing or not paying attention. Never a dull moment in life! Recently, I noticed my index finger on my right hand was swollen (side note: this is my dominate hand I use, sigh!). After returning… Continue reading More than just coffee…


Discover your healthiest self: Skincare

For years, I battled with skin issues. Through trial and error, I can finally say, I feel comfortable in my skin. I've paved a way to achieve clear, healthy skin and maintain it. Investing the time to take care of you, is worth it. Your skin is a great accessory to show off. Flaunt it!… Continue reading Discover your healthiest self: Skincare

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More than just coffee….

Hey guys, I'm back with another story. In the spirit of Halloween, being scared comes easy for me, sigh, LOL! And its not even monsters, music, or ghouls! It’s bugs....Eek! What about if they're invisible? Let me explain, . My fiancé and I were grocery shopping. Never had I experience challenges in shopping at a grocery store. Making decisions… Continue reading More than just coffee….