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Focus on Jesus

Hi guys, Why not take a break from the rush of the Holidays. Spend time with the families, nestle under the Christmas tree, and dive into the Advent. Within "Unwrapping the Names of Jesus", readers take a 4-week journey to learn the names of Jesus (Hope, Preparation, Joy and Love).  There are weekly family devotionals,… Continue reading Focus on Jesus


OMG! It’s here….

Hey guys, 🙌🏼 Hallelujah! It finally arrive today and I'm so excited to dive in and get intimate with Jesus! Grab your copy today, its flying off the shelves extremely fast. 👇🏼Click the link for more info👇🏼 Together we can explore the birth of Jesus this Holiday season! P.S. Awesome stocking stuffers! ☺️ If… Continue reading OMG! It’s here….