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Guard your heart and mind

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The worst critics we can ever face is truly ourselves. Oftentimes, when we fall short of “perfection”, we trap our minds with negativity. The moment something goes wrong, our thoughts easily fall into darkness. We’re way too hard on ourselves. We don’t know how to ease up on simple mistakes, because we believe we have to be “perfect”. Do we live in a world that is so perfect? Even social media gets that wrong, because it’s a world of lies called filters. “Fake it til you make it”, would be the perfect expression.

As I was laying in my bed, I realized I had forgotten to do something. By no means was it anything extreme. But the thought of not completing it, sparked anxiety. The attacks flooded my mind, reliving all the mistakes I’ve made in the past. Mind you, it was just a simple task I didn’t complete which lead to all of this pain. All it took was the devil to find a crack in my armor to feed in lies. Lies of defeat, worthless, shame, and fear clouded my mind. The only way I could reseal the armor was to submerge myself in the word of God.

Anything that is bothering you to the point it disrupts your peace, hand it over to God. Surround yourself with the word of God. This is the best strategy against the enemy. Reclaim the peace God has given you. We have the ability to overcome the old habits and tricks of our mind. We have to always forgive ourselves. Most times, we ask God to forgive us (which He has already done), but we have to forgive ourselves.

Let Go and Let God!

Present all of those small and big mistakes to God. God will teach you how to breathe and overcome each mistake. Give yourself a break, No One is Perfect. Plus, God does not expect you to be perfect.

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