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How do we possess the ability and strength to overcome challenges? Honestly, we don’t, because it is not by our might, but with the aid of God can we overcome. Only God can equip you with the weapons to defeat the opposition. Oddly enough, we may need to start by overcoming ourselves. We need to be set freed from ourselves.

Honestly, we don’t believe in ourselves. We cast the white flag and hang in defeat. The fear of failure. I know the feeling all to well. Last week, took a toll on me spiritually. In the mist of the fast, I hit a point of quitting. I just wanted to forget all the progress I’ve made. My fears took a hold of me, but so did anger. I was draped in heavy garments of anger. Angry about circumstances I am facing, losing a grip on my destiny, fighting against the enemy, feeling regrets, setbacks, pain, and heartbreak resurface. Casting my anger at people, family and friends. Seeking direction, while suffocating through these words, “God, where are you?”

I was so angry, I wanted to surrender to defeat. That is until, something God had implanted, took ahold of me. Not only was there a still small voice, but unknowingly God trained me to hear it. For a couple of days, I tried to silence the voice, but it grew louder. The process of the fast is suppose to starve the flesh (Daniel fast) and feed the spirit (meditate, pray, and grow in love with God). God feed my spirit the nutrients to overrule the flesh if it reach a critical point. God amplified the still small voice to become the beacon of hope. It pierce my ears, eyes, and heart, telling me to stop, put down the walls.  “God is coming to you. Let Him in.” 

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I was giving into the lies that God was against me. The enemy used me to steal away the progress I’ve made. I was fighting against myself, because I was beginning to step into a new level of spirituality. I am becoming a prayer warrior. Day and night spending time to grow more intimate with God. I was saying goodbye to the old self. God has elevated me.

We don’t want to die to ourselves in order to make room for the new. Transformation is like stepping into a territory, you have no clue what it is. You don’t know what will happen, because God is in full control. This time I choose not to look back, because I want to move ahead. I want to know why saying No to the enemy is accepting Yes to Gods best for me.

I want to become everything God has created me to be!

Although the road wont be easy, I have all the help I need. God offers his hand.

Pray with me: 

God, I ask to light the flames of Faith in each and everyone of your children. God, I ask that you will amplify the still small voice in every one of your children. I fix my eyes on God, the past is behind me, there will never be a chance to rewrite it. I’ve lived it for a reason, and I will stop letting it drag me down. I have the DNA of an overcome and prayer warrior. God, made sure to bring me into 2019 for a greater purpose. I won’t know what it is until I give God a chance to reveal Himself to me. Today is Gods gift to me in order for God to show out in my life. God wants to burn the flames of desire, a desire to know true love and to pour love in others. I will water the mustard seed of faith and watch as I move mountains. When God comes in, He has no desire of stopping. God work in me and through me. I pray to be set freed from myself. God, I will take your hand and walk with you. God I trust you with my life. I know when I fall, you will surely be there to catch me. Amen!  

Repeat daily: I am an overcomer! I am a conqueror!

Have a bless week!

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  1. That was a wonderful post! And so very true. We should not look backward, always look forward and allow God to lead us in His way and reveal Himself in and through us. He always gives us the strength we need and help right when it is needed. Thanks for sharing this, it was an encouragement to me! God bless.

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