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“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” -Andy Warhol


My Journey

It started as a way to reconnect to my passion of writing, the oxygen and peace I’ve been missing. My mission, to inspire others to develop self confidence, creativity, and community in everyday life. The butterflies signify evolution of identity. We all go through the lifecycle (process) in order to fly free.

I am at my most happiest living a holistic, healthy, and faithful lifestyle.  Dedicated to making organic choices in responsible beauty and wellness. Occasionally, making stops to my favorite pizza spot, thrown in for good measure.😏 Moderation is key, people!  My favorite escape: a good book and a cup of tea. Relying on my Faith to navigate through Life’s Joyful Messes!

On the days I fall short, I get back up to try to do better the next day.  I believe when we support each other and try our best and maintain a sense of humor, we can all live Beutiflee!

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