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October Obsessions

Hey beauties, I'm so excited to share this post, right here! The best makeup foundations I've used to date. Makeup tends to last longer for me, I don't wear it often. I'm a firm believer in giving your face a break to breathe and rehydrate. I make sure to switch up and refresh the looks… Continue reading October Obsessions

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Dear God

Sharing a piece of my journey with you, directly from the pages of my journal. Simple things turn into bigger gifts. Never forget these precious moments, they play a part in Gods grand design. This is how He Loves on us! You know this may seem strange, but God I hope you and my readers… Continue reading Dear God

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Music, I’m loving right now!

Oh, what a journey this has been, (at least for me). My walk with God has been a challenge. As it goes, we humans can't find peace when it pertains to time, especially when there is so much we want to achieve. Remember this, God does not have any concept of time. His timing is… Continue reading Music, I’m loving right now!

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Beauty Obsessions

Funny story, I could remember a time where I didn't wear nail polish, due to the fact.... I was a nail bitter. Yup, it was the worst habit ever. My mom was so annoyed. It only happens during stressful situations. I'd guess it was my nervous tick. Thankfully, I kicked the habit, permanently. In fact,… Continue reading Beauty Obsessions

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July Beauty Picks

A couple years back, I had no clue about makeup, skincare, or even haircare, for that matter. I never really cared much for it. Mainly, because I didn't know anything about its application. (I was in the awkward stage of my life, where I didn't feel pretty, 😔we've all been there).  I remember a time,… Continue reading July Beauty Picks

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May Obsessions

Hi, all Whoa, Its been a weird month on my health at least, (Nothing too serious, guys 🙏🏼). I'm firmly planted within God, all things become new. I wanted to share some of what I do daily to keep my mental health under control. Quiet the traffic in my mind to refresh and re-energize. I… Continue reading May Obsessions

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Simple ways to enjoy “Me Time”

3 R's: Rest, Relax, Recharge How many of us actually do it? Not many....we're always going 100 miles a minute, multitasking, over scheduling, and sacrifice for others. Don't you deserve to pamper yourself?  You deserve it. Getaway from the traffic of life. Surrender the keys, let someone else drive.  Listen up, life can function with your… Continue reading Simple ways to enjoy “Me Time”

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Simple ways to make Mornings Marvelous!

I have never been a morning person. Oh, I'm the one hitting the snooze button, wiping drool off, and turning over for more sleep. Lol! Surprisedly, my mornings bring me joy and peace. Here's some of the ways I manage joy in the morning, while still having time to beat the traffic. One-on-one Just before… Continue reading Simple ways to make Mornings Marvelous!

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Brunch with 2018: leaving behind 2017 and bringing hope in New Year

Photo Credit: Tiffany Carnes OMG!, I was overjoyed to be invited by my dear friend, and host Tiffany (people say we look alike) for a New Years Day brunch. What better way to start the first day of 2018 than with mimosas, good friends, and healthy conversations! However, this hangout came with a breath of… Continue reading Brunch with 2018: leaving behind 2017 and bringing hope in New Year

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More than just coffee..

Hey Fam, OMG, what is happening with iPhone? These updates are getting out of hand. Honestly, am I the only one whose having problems? First, off I regret doing the 11.1 update, I've lost some very important data in my apps. One of which I needed to complete student assessments. I was boiling over with… Continue reading More than just coffee..