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Six Words

"I am here, never far away." I was inspired to write a six-word story. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I am so happy to share with all of you these delicious teas. It's not just tea, it is a lifestyle! This is a great replacement to the morning cup of… Continue reading Six Words

Creative Writing, Faith, Lifestyle, Poetry, Short Story

His Plan

Shattered You gather the pieces Made it whole Chained You burn the shackles Set me free Forgotten You called me by name Made me worthy Lost You searched for me Gave me a new identity Incomplete You made me unique Crafted to completion Made me whole His Plan > My plan My most favorite shirt,… Continue reading His Plan

Creative Writing, Faith, Lifestyle, Poetry, Short Story

in the Room

The sun fades simultaneously releases her last breath In the room the air is silent filled with the sounds of tears They mourn for an innocent has pass 12yr old corpse now rest on the bed hear them whisper "She is dead" Spirit enough to come through the door He steps inside tells them all,… Continue reading in the Room