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Music I’m loving right now!

This post contains affiliated links, I only share what I love and use myself. Thank you for the support.Many of you have seen where I have been. Going into a dark moment, depression, anger, and carrying the weight of bitterness. Walking through the fog, losing sight and sound of God. Focusing to much on my… Continue reading Music I’m loving right now!

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Monthly Goals: March

I think we've had enough of winter, it's time to warm up. I know, I know, this is very much late. But I'm going through a fog and my focus has been very much off. I'm not feeling well both from a spiritual and physical perspective. I feel depressed. I just have no excitement. But… Continue reading Monthly Goals: March

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She is…

image courtesy of googleShe is... Beauty from ashes Fearfully, wonderfully, and uniquely made Crafted by the one called Creator Truly a work of art A masterpiece beyond the stars She is... No longer held a hostage to her past Tore through the fears Can't you see her light pierce the darkness A beacon of Gods… Continue reading She is…

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Update: February Goals

Guess whose back... Yes, so lets get too it. LOL! This will be a short post. I don't want to sound repetitive. Gym: 3-4 times a week✅ Kickboxing ✅ Body works & abs ✅ Yoga ✅ Boot camp, this is new. I just started, sore every Wednesday morning. Ouch! My arms and legs feel like… Continue reading Update: February Goals

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Valentines is just one day, love is everyday

I love each and everyone of you guys. Yes, you too! (Oprah Winfred impersonation) And you get a heart, and you get a heart, and you get a heart! But lets take a moment first. It is only one day, Valentines day! Is it really one day people actually LOVE? One day to give gifts.… Continue reading Valentines is just one day, love is everyday