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Food for thought 🤓

Hi, I've not been feeling well lately. So I may not post for the rest of the week. If you could just keep me in prayer because I can't seem to shake this cold. I don't like being sick, because it slows me down. Then again, it could mean it's time I slow down and… Continue reading Food for thought 🤓

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Thanks for stopping by..

Thanks for stopping by.... Oh, you're not fascinated by my words appeal. Oh, you're not amused by what I wrote. But hey, you'll still browse around and see if I have worth. I smirked at the insults I'm not offend by your results. You're not even worth the headache. Continue to hide behind your plastic… Continue reading Thanks for stopping by..

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More than just coffee.. this particular post series serves to spark conversation. I'm rather chatty, you know, a conversationalist. Honestly, most of you know, I'm on your blogs chatting it up, 😆 ! Don't be shy! But do be kind! Agree or disagree. I know I come away with a different perspective through my interactions with many of… Continue reading More than just coffee..

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More than just coffee…

In life people come and go. They fall into our lives for a season, reason, or lifetime. Can be quite difficult to distinguish, but the bible says to guard your heart. Listen and watch very careful at who comes into your life. We can't get to attach to people immediately. And we can't make people… Continue reading More than just coffee…

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More than just coffee…

Two weeks ago, I posed this question, both on my blog and social medias. I've read many of your responses. I might pose more questions, because walking in this new chapter as a Single Christian women, I'd like some guidance. Yes, of course I always confirm with God. However, it serves to spark a conversation… Continue reading More than just coffee…

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Just friends..

Give your honest opinion. Please share your thoughts below! Can men and women have a platonic friendship? If you felt encouraged by this post, please like, share, and comment below. Thank you for your support! image by pexel ©Beutiflee ©TiffanyLee and, 2018.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from… Continue reading Just friends..