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Discover your healthiest self: Teami

Let's be honest with ourselves, please. Why do we jump to these extremes with weight-loss and pen the same resolution. Seriously, we make promises to workout and eat clean, but it never really panes out. Let excuse after excuse pile up. Finally to accept, we lack motivation. One day, I came across this brand Teami. Of… Continue reading Discover your healthiest self: Teami

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Monthly Goals: January

Alright, let’s get this year started. At least on the right foot or left, whatever is your preference. Just don’t stumble. It's important to start small and work your way up. Every small victory leads to greater wins! What I've learned about 2018, Realistic Goals. In the grand of schemes, I'd love to win this… Continue reading Monthly Goals: January

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More than just coffee.. this particular post series serves to spark conversation. I'm rather chatty, you know, a conversationalist. Honestly, most of you know, I'm on your blogs chatting it up, 😆 ! Don't be shy! But do be kind! Agree or disagree. I know I come away with a different perspective through my interactions with many of… Continue reading More than just coffee..

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Books & Munchies

The weather is getting colder. Oh, Christmas is just around the corner! I love this time of the year! In the spirit of shopping, wrapping, and giving great gifts. These would make great stocking stuffers or even better wrapped under the tree. I'd like to introduce some books to inspire the children of our future.… Continue reading Books & Munchies