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Monthly Goals: March

I think we've had enough of winter, it's time to warm up. I know, I know, this is very much late. But I'm going through a fog and my focus has been very much off. I'm not feeling well both from a spiritual and physical perspective. I feel depressed. I just have no excitement. But… Continue reading Monthly Goals: March

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Food for thought 🤓

Hi, I've not been feeling well lately. So I may not post for the rest of the week. If you could just keep me in prayer because I can't seem to shake this cold. I don't like being sick, because it slows me down. Then again, it could mean it's time I slow down and… Continue reading Food for thought 🤓

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She is…

image courtesy of googleShe is... Beauty from ashes Fearfully, wonderfully, and uniquely made Crafted by the one called Creator Truly a work of art A masterpiece beyond the stars She is... No longer held a hostage to her past Tore through the fears Can't you see her light pierce the darkness A beacon of Gods… Continue reading She is…

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I want you to GO…

If it doesn't make you happy, I want you to go. If being in relationship, you keep on flirting with others, I want you to go. If you don't get the biggest feeling of relief when my name comes up on your screen, I want you to go. If there's the slightest bit of doubt… Continue reading I want you to GO…

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Discover your healthiest self: Invest in You

You're never to late to start. It's not about losing the weight that matters. It's more about taking the steps to create a healthy lifestyle to support the unique YOU! I've only ever chosen to start on this journey to support positive mental and physical health. I don't need to be a size 0 to… Continue reading Discover your healthiest self: Invest in You

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Discover your healthiest self: Teami

**This post has affiliate links! When  you click on the link and purchase using the codes I will receive a small commission! I only ever recommend products/services that I absolutely LOVE and use myself! The support of you purchasing allows me to continue to pursue my dreams, help you pursue yours, and help to support this… Continue reading Discover your healthiest self: Teami