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Update: February Goals

Guess whose back... Yes, so lets get too it. LOL! This will be a short post. I don't want to sound repetitive. Gym: 3-4 times a week✅ Kickboxing ✅ Body works & abs ✅ Yoga ✅ Boot camp, this is new. I just started, sore every Wednesday morning. Ouch! My arms and legs feel like… Continue reading Update: February Goals

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God is bigger than my…..

This verse popped up in one of the Bible studies. I'm glad it did, because I needed God to remind me of His peace. Not the peace I can give to myself. Yesterday, I left church feeling very hurt, frustrated, and sad. I thought I was being helpful, instead it turned into a storm. The… Continue reading God is bigger than my…..

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Six Words

It's so good, what a tease. It's not just tea, it is a lifestyle! This is a great replacement to the morning cup of coffee. Try a cup of Teami Skinny which aids to decrease cravings, boost metabolism, and gives you sustainable energy (without creating a dependency); no jitters or crash. This is not an easy solution… Continue reading Six Words

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Valentines is just one day, love is everyday

I love each and everyone of you guys. Yes, you too! (Oprah Winfred impersonation) And you get a heart, and you get a heart, and you get a heart! But lets take a moment first. It is only one day, Valentines day! Is it really one day people actually LOVE? One day to give gifts.… Continue reading Valentines is just one day, love is everyday

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image courtesy of googleHaven't felt like this before. Dying to take a peek, Steal a quick glance But I can't help myself "Oh the suspense is killing me" Let's remove these layers Ooh, it feels soft and smooth Gently glide along the silhouette. Spellbound, it so mesmerizing A sweet invitation whispers, "Come inside" Mmm, this must… Continue reading Spellbound