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July Beauty Picks

A couple years back, I had no clue about makeup, skincare, or even haircare, for that matter. I never really cared much for it. Mainly, because I didn't know anything about its application. (I was in the awkward stage of my life, where I didn't feel pretty, 😔we've all been there).  I remember a time,… Continue reading July Beauty Picks

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Monthly Beauty Picks

Hi all, welcome back! I know its been a while that I've done these type of post. My attention was focus on bringing more content the Holy Spirit is leading me to write. I do enjoy doing these type of post as I am always shopping for beauty products. I do promise to bring you… Continue reading Monthly Beauty Picks

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April Beauty Picks

Hi Friends, Before we say goodbye to April, here are this months beauty picks. (FYI: I've been using them for months). These have been in my haircare regimen and they just keep adding to the collection. Of course, this is a popular brand, but this particular collection is a gem for my haircare. It never… Continue reading April Beauty Picks

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Can I have your Attention?

OMG, today is a special day! First I must give God a huge THANK YOU, for creating my life. Secondly, I'd like to thank my parents for just being there as an example and light whenever I've need them to be there. I know I'm a pain in the butt and silly at times. But… Continue reading Can I have your Attention?

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February Beauty Picks

Missed you guys last month! Lots been going on, I promise i'm working to get back to what I love! Thanks for your continued support! February really, flew by! It's still an ongoing process to get the hang of how to retain the health of my hair. My ends are unusually dry, causing lots of… Continue reading February Beauty Picks


Gift Guide Pt. 2

Hey Fellas, I definitely couldn't forget about you guys. Here's a curly guys gift guide for men (tongue twister). Thanks too my fiancé for the help. You guys are apart of the haircare community as well. You gotta have the fade looking right, waves define, and curls popping like Luther Vandross, lol! Ladies, definitely love… Continue reading Gift Guide Pt. 2

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December Beauty Picks

December has definitely come through in full force.  It's been a busy month, very exciting! Winter has arrived, BRRRRRrrrrr! Winters can be harsh, winds piercing the skin, tears streaming turn into icicles, and breath looks like buffs of smoke. How about adding dry skin, brutal?! I'm so thankful to be able to have stumble upon these… Continue reading December Beauty Picks


Discover your healthiest self: Skincare

For years, I battled with skin issues. Through trial and error, I can finally say, I feel comfortable in my skin. I've paved a way to achieve clear, healthy skin and maintain it. Investing the time to take care of you, is worth it. Your skin is a great accessory to show off. Flaunt it!… Continue reading Discover your healthiest self: Skincare