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Draw Near to God

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from PexelsThese past couple of days, I was in an uncomfortable state. I felt a dark cloud hovering over me. I couldn't seem to shake it. My body felt like it was racing, but I wasn't going anywhere. Maybe you could understand. I would wake up with headaches and my body felt sore. (Trust… Continue reading Draw Near to God

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Thank you 2018, I’m ready 2019

I won't say goodbye.. Thank You 2018, is befitting! Hello 2019, I am ready. Wow, Happy New Year! What can I say? God is still God. You still play a part in HisStory. God, thank you for everything that I have endured over the years. Thank you for the lessons I had to learn. Thank… Continue reading Thank you 2018, I’m ready 2019


Blogmas Countdown to Christmas #2

Happy Christmas Eve! One more day to go! 😃 What would Christmas be without a wishlist! Before winter break, I had my preschoolers make a wishlist. They drew great pictures (it was great seeing them put it in the mailbox in the lobby of the school). I even made one myself, sure praying they come… Continue reading Blogmas Countdown to Christmas #2

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Guard your heart and mind

image courtesy of googleThe worst critics we can ever face is truly ourselves. Oftentimes, when we fall short of "perfection", we trap our minds with negativity. The moment something goes wrong, our thoughts easily fall into darkness. We're way too hard on ourselves. We don't know how to ease up on simple mistakes, because we… Continue reading Guard your heart and mind