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Simple Haircare Hacks

Hi Guys, I've been a natural for a couple years now, its always evolving. I'm always finding ways to maintain the health of my hair. Trying to tame my hair for years has been a struggle, but I've been able to work it down to a simple science. Here are my top 6 hair hacks… Continue reading Simple Haircare Hacks

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Gift Guide Pt. 2

Hey Fellas, I definitely couldn't forget about you guys. Here's a curly guys gift guide for men (tongue twister). Thanks too my fiancé for the help. You guys are apart of the haircare community as well. You gotta have the fade looking right, waves define, and curls popping like Luther Vandross, lol! Ladies, definitely love… Continue reading Gift Guide Pt. 2

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Gift Guide

Hey Friends, Here's a fun gift guide for your curly friends. They make great stocking stuffers, inside a cute box or basket. I'm sure you have plenty lying around the house or you can find one at the craft store. And we curly girls can't get enough of great accessories. Happy reading! Ribbon Ties I've… Continue reading Gift Guide

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Embrace the Journey

Hair care has become the latest trend. Countless tips, tricks, DIYs, and products. Haircare is a journey, but can be expensive. It can get out of hand with the excessive purchases of products. My philosophy.... maintain a strict budget. Different products target specific needs. Use affordable products, easy to manipulate, and use in small amounts, make… Continue reading Embrace the Journey