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Just give me…

You are life! You are hope! No more searching, when I close my eyes I see the truth. Chasing a love, found only within your promises. A desire to be accepted, not even the world has built-in. Set against the coldness of this earth, when it was your warmth keeping me safe. You are the… Continue reading Just give me…

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Dear God

Sharing a piece of my journey with you, directly from the pages of my journal. Simple things turn into bigger gifts. Never forget these precious moments, they play a part in Gods grand design. This is how He Loves on us! Yes, I've been gone for a week guys. I needed to take a moment… Continue reading Dear God


Midweek Motivation

Don't underestimate who God created you to be and the abilities you have. Take risk, overcome fears, and trust God. When you trust yourself, you trust God. When you know yourself, you know God. When you love yourself, you love God. ❤️ God gives us grace, strength, and protection to handle whatever gets thrown at… Continue reading Midweek Motivation

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Music I’m loving right now!

Hey Friends, It's been a while since my last playlist post. I don't know why because music feeds my passion to write. As we speak I'm working on another piece and as usual I have music in the background. Currently, this playlist is on blast, on repeat.... Every.. Single.. Day.. (I'm a serial repeater) I've… Continue reading Music I’m loving right now!

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More Than Just Coffee…

Beautiful day, I've made some fresh lemonade with cucumbers. Here, we can sit on this blanket overlooking the lake. What a serene atmosphere.... As the excitement of the royal wedding seems to calm down. I'd like to do a recap of the lesson I've learn from this beautiful Union. God can do the impossible. *It's… Continue reading More Than Just Coffee…

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Everyday Inspirations

Out of the commandments, comes this particular command. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." - Mark 12:31 It does not mean just your neighbor at church or your neighbor by your house. No every single person you meet is your neighbor. We are called to be kind to all, just as we ask others to be… Continue reading Everyday Inspirations