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Monthly Beauty Picks

Hi all, welcome back! I know its been a while that I've done these type of post. My attention was focus on bringing more content the Holy Spirit is leading me to write. I do enjoy doing these type of post as I am always shopping for beauty products. I do promise to bring you… Continue reading Monthly Beauty Picks

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She is…

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. She is... Beauty from ashes Fearfully and wonderfully made Shattering the darkness of her past Cloak in the armor of God A women powered by prayer Stained by tears of pain, but explosive in worship The daughter of God, for… Continue reading She is…

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I want you to GO…

If it doesn't make you happy, i want you to go. if being in relationship, you keep on flirting with others, i want you to go. If you don't get the biggest feeling of relief when my name comes up on your screen, i want you to go. If there's the slightest bit of doubt… Continue reading I want you to GO…

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April Obsessions

Here's a fun fact, I'm obsess with teas, for Real! I love to try various flavors, without honey, sugar, or milk (yuck, there are tea drinkers who add milk, Not Me!) Teas have great benefits toward our health. Honestly, a cup a day keeps the Doctor away. I need a separate cabinet for quite the… Continue reading April Obsessions

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Everyday Inspiration

Do you best to honor God each day. He isn't looking for you too be perfect. Have mercy on yourself for mistakes. Make forgiveness easier, rather then allow shame and misery follow you along. If you are asking God to honor you, in return be a representative of the Lord Jesus. His love is unconditional,… Continue reading Everyday Inspiration

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Simple ways to make Mornings Marvelous!

I have never been a morning person. Oh, I'm the one hitting the snooze button, wiping drool off, and turning over for more sleep. Lol! Surprisedly, my mornings bring me joy and peace. Here's some of the ways I manage joy in the morning, while still having time to beat the traffic. One-on-one Just before… Continue reading Simple ways to make Mornings Marvelous!

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More than just Coffee…

Oh, Yea over here! I grab us seats.... From now on, lets meet at Barnes and noble, the best of both worlds (Starbucks and Books). I'll just have water, you can order whatever you like, my treat! Where to start, Umm, well this past March has been full. Looking back, I thoroughly enjoyed the Fast.… Continue reading More than just Coffee…

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How I stuck to the Fast?

Since I've spoke so much about my spiritual journey with the Fast. I thought I could share ways I stuck to the fast (both spiritually and physically). This journey wasn't about food, but it helped to shock the flesh, while being spirit-led. The purpose of a fast is about the direct connection to God. Walk… Continue reading How I stuck to the Fast?

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March Obsessions

Hey guys, Welcome back, I can't wait to share this months obsessions. Although, I enjoy trying out new hair & skin products. By no means, am I product junky. I refuse to have clutter or devote an entire closet to haircare products. I'd like to take a leap and try new foods, organic of course.… Continue reading March Obsessions

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

"You're fat! You're ugly! Your hair is messy! You're too skinny! Look at what she's wearing! OMG! Photoshop every imperfection, cosmetic surgery, implants, God made a mistake in creating me." Attacks, target of unwarranted criticism (self & outsiders), bullying against our beauty, my beauty, not living up to the "World's Standard" of beauty. Self-image is more… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall